About me

I’m a software developer from the vicinity of Zürich, Switzerland, named - you guessed it - Stefan Vetsch.

From 2001 to 2005 I did an apprenticeship as IT-whatever. Three of those four years I was practically a C++ programmer, I was in a team which developed software for the textile sector (quality control, dyehouse management). Then from 2006 to 2009 I was re-hired as a full-time C++ programmer at the same company.

In 2009 I changed jobs (the previous company had to lay off a couple of people - including yours truly). Since then I’m working for a small web-hosting company near Zürich. I do a variety of things like customer support (E-Mail or phone), Linux administration (even some Windows stuff) but mostly I do PHP-programming (in-house and, on occasion, for customers).

I really like programming, I have tried out many programming languages - even some lesser used ones like Erlang, Clojure or CLISP. I do a lot of learning and experimenting in my free-time - just for the fun of it.

Currently I try to make more contributions to open-source projects.

I like: